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Our Main Objective is to Act on behalf of our buyers in such a way that each & every individual buyer gets the feel of “As if they themselves are personally looking after their interest” The Key features of services are as follows:

a)  Finding the appropriate supplier capable of producing the right product at the right price for our buyers. Making sure the facility we are choosing for a particular buyer to produce his order, has got all the necessary infrastructure, machinery, Skills required, testing facilities, Time consciousness & good repute in the market.

b)  After Placement of order, we make sure that every process of production is going as per plan & to monitor day to day progress, our trained staff makes frequent visits to ensure that the goods are being produced up to the standard marks & specifications.

c) If any flaw is found during production, the same is being rectified then & there to ensure optimum quality level.

d)  Upon completion of shipment, our qualified auditor makes pre shipment quality audit according to AQL standards, Once shipment has passed the AQL standard audit then only the shipment is loaded into container under vigilance of our staff to ensure right manner of stowage as per the requirement.

e)  Our Job is only half done upto here, To fulfill our responsibilities 100%, we make sure that all the necessary documentation is carried out by the shipper, as per requirement specified by the buyer to avoid unnecessary delays at customs on buyers end.


We have dedicated and highly trined staff which acts as neutral agents and conducts random and final inspections of shipments for the customers who opt to use our shipment inspection services as neutral agents. For further details please contact at info@zaintex.com


At Zaintex every measure is taken to ensure that our customer is attended at every step not only during production but until the shipment reaches its destination. We have therefore selected the most reputable freight forwarders not only from pakistan but from overseas as well to provide only the best of best of rates and services to our customers. For further details please contact at info@zaintex.com

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